North Wales Car Club

Introducing Car Club member John Roberts

Posted on June 09, 2015

The title says Introducing co-driver John Roberts, but he probably needs very little introduction, but did you know:

First Motorsport memory - It was going with Dad to watch my uncle compete in a MK2 Ford Cortina

First Event as a competitor – It was co-driving for Robbie Jones’ mum in a Mini Traveller and we nearly won the beginners category.

First Stage Rally - It was the Astra stages then held at Ellesmere port with John Braid in an Avenger, I went on to win that event four times later on.

First Job in Motorsport - It was preparing Ian Hughes rally cars with Lenny, Ian’s brother, that got me established and then I started to get offers.

Ralliart - My big break was Ralliart - it was a brilliant company, we went on to win four drivers titles with Tommi and one manufacturers title, I was Tommi’s Number One mechanic and then I got to work with Kenneth Ericson and Richard Burns amongst others. Richard was really dedicated but Kenneth was the most fun, but after 14 brilliant years Mitsubishi quit the WRC .

Andy Burton - I co drove for Andy in the Cosworth DTM engine powered 306 Peugeot which we won a lot of rallies in, that was really fast and Andy was a good driver.

Now – I co drive for Luke Francis, he’s really good and we want to win the BTRDA and Welsh Championships.

I have been competing since I was 15 and have never won the Welsh Championship outright so that would be really good to do.

Thank you John Roberts!

John Roberts with driver Luke Francis